Who am I?

Hello 👋 ! My name is Erin Skidds! I am the owner and founder of App Seeker. I have been blogging and reviewing software, websites, and hardware since 2011. I am a Full Stack Developer by trade and in my free time I love to write these reviews and spend time with my husband and cats.

I started getting into productivity apps back in 2020 and fell in love with finding the perfect one (spoiler: there isn't one!) ever since. I love adjusting my workflow to see what works best for me and that means I am always testing out new and different applications and watching videos on these applications and seeing how these businesses grow.

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What is "App Seeker"?


How App Seeker Started → via Google Sheets Document

How App Seeker Started → via Google Sheets Document

I came up with this idea one day when I was bored and wanted to compare a few different apps. It started as a Google Sheets document and then I decided (with all of the requests I had from Reddit) to create a public repository/Obsidian vault for people to view this information and more.

The biggest request people had was "more information" in the comparisons so I decided to host this as a place for my reviews on apps as well as a place for people to look over the differences.


The purpose of this vault/website is to provide a way for anyone to look up the differences in apps. This takes a focus on the individual who does not collaborate but possibly has a family that they share tasks, notes, or passwords with.

What about teams or businesses?

There is little, to no, focus on teams or business apps, software or services at this point in time.

While I work for a team/business, I do not have any experience managing and using software for a team so I do not feel my expertise would be best placed in this environment.